Key Achievements and Successes (2006-2009)


Pictures Courtesy of The African Cultural Heritage Trust (ACHT) / Zindala Zombili.

    • In 2006, registered as a non-profit, Section 21 organization with Section 18A (tax-exempt status)
    • Governance structures put in place in 2006/2007 (Appointment of a Board of Directors, Auditors, etc) and established an office in Centurion, Pretoria, South Africa
    • Raised over R2 million in seed funding from the private sector, NGOs, Foundations and Public sector to establish our programmes
    • Established programmes in HIV/AIDS, Education, Entrepreneurship Development and Gender and Women Empowerment and put capacity in place
    • Launched a 4 country SADC research study in 2007 looking at the role of culture in HIV/AIDS. Study completed in January 2009 and will inform policy development and a mass region wide HIV/AIDS advocacy campaign addressing behavior change
    • Hosted two SADC Youth conferences in 2006 and 2007 addressing the UN Millennium Development Goals in Africa
    • A for profit (income generation) arm of the organization was created to alleviate the organization from donor dependency
    • In 2008, established partnerships with various universities in the SADC region and international universities like Harvard University to conduct research for all our programmes.
    • In 2009, received additional funding to implement 3 year strategic plan (2009-2012) following the success of implementing its initial 3 year plan (2006-2009).