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Mauritius progress report

This is the first report from Mauritius about its progress towards the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals to monitor human development.

Ethical Leadership and Moral Regeneration

Ethical Leadership and Moral Regeneration: African Religion’s Response by Dr Nokuzola Mndende of the Icamagu Institute, Cape Town

Mozambique report on gender

Mozambique national report: a look through a gender lens.

African spirituality

African spirituality that shapes the concept of Ubuntu: a paper by M J S Masango (University of Pretoria).

Swaziland MDG progress report 2005

Swaziland’s report on national progress towards the Millennium Development Goals.

Keynote Speech: McKelvie Middle School

Prince Cedza Dlamini’s Keynote Speech for McKelvie Middle School, entitled “Never underestimate what a single teenager can accomplish?.

Dlamini discusses the role the youth can play in leadership, service and the Millenium Development Goals.

Patriot Ledger article: Cedza Dlamini speaking engagement

An 2005 article from the Patriot Ledger publication, detailing a speaking engagement of CEO Cedza Dlamini. 

South Africa’s MDG progress report 2005

South Africa’s Millennium Development Goals country report 2005.

Speech before the United Nations: Tokyo University, Japan

The youth have the power to change the future. The youth of today are well-educated; they are brimming with knowledge in information technology, conservation and environmental awareness and are well-informed on the HIV/AIDS epidemic, the scourge of Africa.

Namibia’s MDG progress report 2004

The first report on Namibia’s national progress towards the Millennium Development Goals